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Research lines

Research lines
  • Nonparametric inference
    • Nonparametric density estimation
    • Nonparametric regression estimation
    • Nonparametric hazard rate estimation
    • Smoothing parameter selection
    • Resampling methods
    • Goodness-of-fit tests
    • Empirical likelihood
    • Nonparametric relative distribution and density estimation
  • Dependent data
    • Time series
    • Local polynomial estimation with dependent data
    • Kernel estimation under dependence
    • Partial linear models with dependent errors
    • Irregularly observed data
    • Nonparametric and semiparametric prediction
  • Survival analysis
    • Censored data
    • Truncated data
    • Presmoothed estimation
    • Hazard rate and hazard function estimation
  • Statistical applications to other Sciences
    • Survival analysis applications in Biology and Medicine
    • Applications of parametric and nonparametric estimation in Thermogravimetry
    • Aplications of hazard rate estimation in Seismology
    • Aplications of nonparametric classification in Malherbology
  • Bayesian inference.
UNESCO codes
120903Data analysis
120905Analysis and design of experiments
120906Methods of free and nonparametric distribution
120909Multivariant analysis
120912Techniques of statistical association
120913Techniques of statistical inference
120914TTechniques of statistical prediction
120915Temporal series
Key words Kernel estimation Local polynomial estimation Smoothing techniques Bandwidth selection Survival analysis Goodness-of-fit tests Empirical likelihood Time series analysis Dependent data Partial linear models Censored and/or truncated data Presmoothed estimation Bootstrap method Functional data Spatial statistics Thermogravimetric analysis Bayesian inference