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Papers 2011

  1. A. Quintela del Rí­o, M. Francisco Fernández. Analysis of high level ozone concentrations using nonparametric methods, Science of the Total Environment, 409 (2011) , 1123-1133.
  2. A. Quintela-del-Río. M. Francisco-Fernández. Nonparametric functional data estimation applied to ozone data: prediction and extreme valyue analysis, Chemosphere, 82 (2011) , 800-808.
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  5. C. Phillips, L. Fernandez-Formoso, M. Garcia-Magariños, L. Porras, T. Tvedebrink, J. Amigo, M. Fondevila, A. Gomez-Tato, J. Alvarez-Dios, A. Freire-Aradas, A. Gomez-Carballa, A. Mosquera-Miguel, A. Carracedo, M.V. Lareu. Analysis of global variability in 15 established and 5 new European Standard Set (ESS) STRs using the CEPH human genome diversity panel, Forensic Science International: Genetics , 5 (2011) , 155-169.
  6. F.A. Corpas Iglesias, L. Perez Villarejo, M. Benitez Guerrero, R. Artiaga Diaz, J. Pascual Cosp. Use of mud from metallic surface treatment industries as additive to ceramic matrices, Boletín de la Sociedad Española de Cerámica y Vidrio, 50 (2011) , 3 .
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  10. G. Bergantiños, L. Lorenzo, S. Lorenzo-Freire. New characterizations of the constrained equal awards rule for multi-issue allocation situations, Mathematical Methods of Operations Research, 74 (2011) , 311-325.
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