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Papers in 2015

  1. A. Bode, M.G. Estévez, M. Varela, J.A. Vilar. Annual trend patterns of phytoplankton species abundance belie homogeneous taxonomical group responses to climate in the NE Atlantic upwelling, Marine Environmental Research, 110 (2015), 81-91.
  2. Aldana M. Gonzalez-Montoro, Ricardo Cao, Nelson Espinosa, Javier Cudeiro, Jorge Mariño. Bootstrap testing for cross-correlation under low firing activity, Journal of Computational Neuroscience, 38 (2015), 3, 577-587.
  3. Alejandro M. Vasallo Rapela, Juan M. Vilar Fernández. El comportamiento del sector de construcción a nivel provincial y autonómico utilizando modelos econométricos, Fundación de las Cajas de Ahorros. Documento de trabajo. 766 (2015), .
  4. Amiama, C., Pereira, J., Carpente, L. & Salgado, J. . Spatial decision support system for the route management for milk collection from daily farms, Transportation Letters, 7 (2015), 5, 279-288.
  5. Aneiros, G., Ling, N., Vieu, P. . Error variance estimation in semi-functional partially linear regression models, Journal of Nonparametric Statistics, 27 (2015), 3, 316-330.
  6. Aneiros, G., Vieu, P. Partial linear modelling with multi-functional covariates, Computational Statistics, 30 (2015), 3, 647-671.
  7. Carlos Amiama, Noelia Cascudo, Luisa Carpente, Ana Cerdeira-Pena. A decision tool for maize silage harvest operations, Biosystems Engineering, 134 (2015), 94-104.
  8. E. López-Vizcaíno, M.J. Lombardía y D. Morales . Small area estimation of labour force indicators under a multinomial model with correlated time area effects, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society. Series A (Statistics in Society), (2015), 178, 535-565.
  9. G. Aneiros, Ferraty F., P. Vieu. Variable selection in partial linear regression with functional covariate, Statistics, 49 (2015), 6, 1322-1347.
  10. G. Dørum, D. Kling, C. Baeza-Richer, M. García-Magariños, S. Sæbø, S. Desmyter, T. Egeland. Models and implementation for relationship problems with dropout, International Journal of Legal Medicine, 129 (2015), 3, 411-423.
  11. I. López-de-Ullibarri. Bandwidth selection in kernel distribution function estimation, The Stata Journal, 15 (2015), 3, 784-795.
  12. J.M. Alonso-Meijide, F. Carreras, J. Costa, I. García-Jurado. The proportional partitional Shapley value, Discrete Applied Mathematics, 187 (2015), 1-11.
  13. Javier Tarrío-Saavedra, Jorge López-Beceiro, Ana Álvarez, Salvador Naya, Sara Quintana-Pita, Santiago García-Pardo, Francisco Javier García-Sabán. Lifetime estimation applying a kinetic model based on the generalized logistic function to biopolymers, Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 122 (2015), 3, 1203-1214.
  14. López-Beceiro, J; Álvarez-García, A; Martins, S; Álvarez-García, B; Zaragoza-Fernández, S; Menéndez-Valdés, J; Artiaga, R.. Thermal degradation kinetics of two acrylic-based copolymers, Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 119 (2015), 3, 1981-1993.
  15. M. García-Magariños, J. A. Vilar. A framework for dissimilarity-based partitioning clustering of categorical time series, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, 29 (2015), 466-502.
  16. M. García-Magariños, T. Egeland, I. López-de-Ullibarri, N. Hjort, A. Salas. A parametric approach to kinship hypothesis testing using identity-by-descent parameters, Statistical applications in genetics and molecular biology, 14 (2015), 5, 465-479.
  17. M.Boubeta, M.J. Lombardía, M. Marey-Pérez and D. Morales. Prediction of forest fires occurrences with area-level Poisson mixed models, Journal of Environmental Management , 154 (2015), 151-158.
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  19. Mario Francisco-Fernández, Javier Tarrío-Saavedra, Salvador Naya, Jorge López-Beceiro, Ramón Artiaga. Classification of wood using diferential thermogravimetric analysis, Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 120 (2015), 1, 541-551.
  20. Nieves R. Brisaboa, Luisa Carpente, Ana Cerdeira-Pena y Silvia Lorenzo-Freire.. Optimization in dubbing scheduling, TOP, 23 (2015), 3, 685-702.
  21. Raña, P., Aneiros, G., Vilar, J.M. Detection of outliers in functional time series, Environmetrics, 26 (2015), 3, 178-191.
  22. Robles-García, V. Corral-Bergantiños, Y., Espinosa , N., Jácome, M.A., García-Sancho, C., Cudeiro, J. and Arias P. Spatiotemporal Gait Patterns During Overt and Covert Evaluation in Patients With Parkinson´s Disease and Healthy Subjects: Is There a Hawthorne Effect?, Journal of Applied Biomechanics, 31 (2015), 3, 189-194.
  23. Rosa María González, Fernando Cuetos, Juan Vilar, Eva Uceira. Los efectos de la intervención en conciencia fonológica y velocidad de denominación sobre el aprendizaje de la escritura, Aula Abierta, 43 (2015), 1, 1-8.
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