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Artigos publicados
  • Cea, Luis; Fraga, Ignacio.
    Incorporating antecedent moisture conditions and intra-event variability of rainfall on flood frequency analysis in poorly gauged basins.
    Water Resources Research, 0 (2018) , .

  • Fraga, Ignacio; Cea, Luis; Puertas, Jerónimo.
    Effect of rainfall uncertainty on the performance of physically-based rainfall-runoff models.
    Hydrological Processes, 0 (2018) , .

  • Ignacio Fraga Cadórniga; Tom Cochrane; Frances Charters; Aisling Dominique O'Sullivan.
    A novel modelling framework to prioritize estimation of non-point source pollution parameters for quantifying pollutant origin and discharge in urban catchments.
    Journal of Environmental Management , 167 (2016) , 1 , 75-84.

  • Ignacio Fraga Cadórniga; Luis Cea Gómez; Jerónimo Puertas Agudo; Joaquín Suárez López; Vicente Jiménez; Alfredo Jácome Burgos.
    Global sensitivity and GLUE-based uncertainty analysis of a 2D-1D dual urban drainage model.
    Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, 21 (2016) , 5 , 04016004.

  • Ignacio Fraga Cadórniga; Luis Cea Gómez; Jerónimo Puertas Agudo; Jose Anta Álvarez.
    A non-intrusive method to compute water discharge in pipes with a low depth-to-diameter ratio using ultrasonic Doppler velocimetry.
    Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, 141 (2015) , 3 , .