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Scholars and contracted information

Published papers
  • M. García-Magariños, J. A. Vilar.
    A framework for dissimilarity-based partitioning clustering of categorical time series.
    Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, 29 (2015) , 466-502.

  • G. Dørum, D. Kling, C. Baeza-Richer, M. García-Magariños, S. Sæbø, S. Desmyter, T. Egeland.
    Models and implementation for relationship problems with dropout.
    International Journal of Legal Medicine, 129 (2015) , 3 , 411-423.

  • M. García-Magariños, T. Egeland, I. López-de-Ullibarri, N. Hjort, A. Salas.
    A parametric approach to kinship hypothesis testing using identity-by-descent parameters.
    Statistical applications in genetics and molecular biology, 14 (2015) , 5 , 465-479.

  • C. Phillips, L. Fernandez-Formoso, M. Gelabert-Besada, M. Garcia-Magariños, J. Amigo, A. Carracedo, M.V. Lareu.
    Global population variability in Qiagen Investigator HDplex STRs.
    Forensic Science International: Genetics , 8 (2014) , 36-43.

  • Christopher Phillips; Miguel Gelabert Besada; Luis Fernández Formoso; Manuel García Magariños; Carla Santos; Manuel Fondevila; David Ballard; Denise Syndercombe-Court; Angel Carracedo; María Lareu.
    New turns from old STaRs: enhancing the capabilities of forensic short tandem repeat analysis.
    ELECTROPHORESIS, 35 (2014) , 3173-3187.