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Relatorios no 2016

  • 19th European Conference on Mathematics for Industry (ECMI 2016)
    Santiago de Compostela, 13-17 Junio de 2016

    • Autores: Álvaro Leitao Rodríguez; Lech A. Grzelak; Cornelis W. Oosterlee.
      Título: On an efficient one and multiple time-step Monte Carlo simulation of the SABR model.
    • Autores: Balsa-Canto E., López-Núñez A., Vázquez C.
      Título: Numerical solution of a 2D multispecies biofilm model based on PDEs.
    • Autores: M. C. Calvo-Garrido, M. Ehrhardt, C. Vázquez.
      Título: PDE modeling and numerical methods for swing option pricing in electricity markets.
    • Autores: E. Gobet, J.G. López-Salas, P. Turkedjiev, C. Vázquez.
      Título: Parallel stratified regression Monte-Carlo scheme for BSDEs with applications in finance.
    • Autores: G. Álvarez, M. Benítez, A. Bermúdez, R. Blanquero, E. Carrizosa, O.T. Chis, O. Crego, M. Cremades, N. Esteban, J.L. Ferrín, A. Jiménez-Cordero, F. Pena, D. Rodríguez, J. Rodríguez, J.F. Rodríguez Calo, R. Sillero.
      Título: Automatic identification of kinetic models in industrial reaction systems.

  • 26th Annual Conference of The International Environmetrics Society
    Edinburgo (UK) , 18–22 de Julio de 2016

    • Autores: J. Tarrío-Saavedra , N. Sánchez-Carnero, A. Prieto.
      Título: Functional data techniques for sea bottom classification in coastal environments.

  • 4th IAHR Europe Congress
    Lieja (Bélgica) , 27-29 de julio de 2016

    • Autores: Ignacio Fraga Cadórniga.
      Título: A methodology to account for rainfall uncertainty at the event scale in fully distributed rainfall runoff models.

  • Bergen Workshop on Computational and Applied Mathematics Mathematical modelling, ocean sciences and computational medicine
    Bergen (Norway), 18–19 Enero 2016

    • Autores: M. González, T.P. Barrios and J.M. Cascón.
      Título: On an augmented mixed FEM for the Oseen problem in the pseudostress-velocity variables.

  • EGU General Assembly 2016
    Viena (Austria), 17-22 de abril de 2016

    • Autores: Ignacio Fraga Cadórniga.
      Título: Quantification of rainfall prediction uncertainties using a cross-validation based technique. Methodology description and experimental validation.

  • European Congress on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering (ECCOMAS 2016)
    Crete (Greece), 5-10 Junio 2016

    • Autores: M. Benítez, A. Bermúdez.
      Título: Lagrangian and Semi-Lagrangian Galerkin methods for free surface problems.

  • EuroRegio 2016, 9th Iberian Acoustics Congress, 47th Spanish Congress on Acoustics
    Porto (Portugal), 13-15 Junio de 2016

    • Autores: A. Prieto, L. del Río.
      Título: Data-driven identification of linear viscoelastic models using frequency-dependent ultrasound measurements.

  • New England NoiseCon-16: Revolution in Noise Control (NOISE-CON 2016)
    Providence (USA) , 13-15 Junio de 2016

    • Autores: G. Carrillo-Pousa, D. Fernández-Comesaña, D. Pérez-Cabo, A. Prieto.
      Título: Numerical study of an in-situ technique for measuring surface impedance and reflection coefficient of a locally reacting material with pressure-velocity probes.

  • SIAM Conference on Uncertainty Quantification (UQ 2016)
    Lausanne, 5-8 abril 2016

    • Autores: Álvaro Leitao Rodríguez.
      Título: Pricing early-exercise options: GPU Acceleration of SGBM method.

  • Sixth Conference on Numerical Analysis and Applications (NAA'16)
    Lozenetz (Bulgaria), 16-22, Junio, 2016
    Libro de actas: "Numerical Analysis and its Applications" (I. Dimov, I. Faragó, L. Vulkov, eds). Springer, 2017. ISBN: 978-3-319-57099-0

    • Autores: I. Arregui, B. Salvador, C. Vázquez.
      Título: PDEs and numerical methods for XVA computing.

  • The 8th International Workshop on Spatio-Temporal Modelling (METMA VIII)
    Castellon, 1-3 Junio de 2016

    • Autores: J. Tarrío-Saavedra , N. Sánchez-Carnero, A. Prieto.
      Título: Automatic seabed classification using functional data analysis and time series cluster techniques.